Funding Agency

Ongoing Research Projects

1. Title : Chemical Innovations For Sustainable Future 2020- 2024 ( Principal Investigator), 1.92 Crores
Funding Agency : UGC-DAAD, Under Indo-German Higher Education Partnerships, PI ( Just sanctioned)

2. Title: Developing Enantioselective Carbon-heteroatom Bond Formations Employing Visible Light, 44 Lakhs, 2021-2024
Funding Agency: SERB, Department of Science and Technology, PI

3. Title: Developing of Efficient Tribromides as Versatile Fine Oxidative Dearomatisation Reagents, 30 Lakhs, 2021-2023
Funding Agency: SERB, Department of Science and Technology, SERB TETRA AWARD, PI

4. Title: Developing Sustainable Enantioselective Carbonheteroatom Bond Formations Employing Dearomatisation reactions (EDRs), 30 Lakhs, 2021-2024
Funding Agency: CSIR, PI

5. MOE-Stars

Project title: Photo and Electrocatalytic Approaches Towards Carbon Heteroatom Bond Generations,30 Lakhs, 2023-2026
Domain: Chemical Sciences
PI Institute: IIT Indore

Completed Research Projects

1. Title : Exploring Molecular Intricacy Developing Facile Catalytic Asymmetric Oxidative Dearomatisation Reactions (CAODRs) 2017- 2020 ( Principal Investigator), 42 Lakhs Funding Agency : SERB, Department of Science and Technology, PI

2. Title : Injectable Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite- Polyanhydride Based Paste for Bone Substitution, 48 Lakhs
Funding Agency : Department of Biotechnology. ( Co- Investigator) Status : 2017-2020

3. Title : Intramural Project on Organic Farming, 5 Lakhs
Funding Agency : National Institute of Technology Rourkela ( Principal Investigator) Status : 2018-2019

4. Title : Ruthenium catalysed Non-Metathesis Couplings, 35 Lakhs
Curriculum Vitae 4 Funding Agency : Department of Science and Technology Indian National Science Academy- INSPIRE FACULTY AWARD. ( Principal Investigator) Status : 2014-2019

5. Title: Synthesis of Medicinally Important Natural Products employing Cyclopropyl Ring- Cleavage and Oxidative de-aromatization reactions, 25 Lakhs
Funding Agency : SERB, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India ( Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists) Status: 2013 2016

6. Title : Design of Multipurpose Photo reactor and Photoreactions, 5 Lakhs
Funding Agency : Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme-II, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India Status : 2014-15

7. Title : Ruthenium Catalysed Atom-economic Transformations, 17 Lakhs
Funding Agency : Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Govt. of India (Young Scientist Research Award Scheme) Status : 2014-2017

Funding Agency: CSR, Rourkela Steel Plant, PI (Transferred to NIT Rourkela)



At IIT Indore

Organic Synthesis and Molecular Engineering Laboratory

At NIT Rourkela

Organic Synthesis and Molecular engineering laboratory, Lab No. 405, BM-BT, NIT Rourkela
Chemical Innovation Laboratory, Under the INDO-German Higher Education Partnership (IGP), lab No. 420, BM-BT, NIT Rourkela