Dr. MANOJ KUMAR GHOSH (2013-2018)

Senior Research Investigator ( Team Lead ) ,Syngene Bangalore

National post-doctoral fellow, IIT BHU under the guidance of prof. Ganesh Pandey

Dr. NILENDRI ROUT (2014-2019)

Research Scientist, Aragen Life-Sciences Bangalore

Present Position: Research
Scientist at TCG, Life sciences, Kolkata

Dr. SAGARIKA BEHERA (2014-2020 )

Research Scientist, Aragen Life-Sciences , Hyderabad

Ph.D Students: Project: Synthesis of Biologically Active Molecules Employing Catalytic Protocols


Present Position: DST Inspire Faculty at IIT Kanpur
Project: Photocatalyst-Free Visible Light Assisted Selenylative Intramolecular Dearomative Carbo-spirocyclisation of Homologated-ynone (IDCS)

Dr. Nabakumar Bera (2015-2023)

Research Chemist, TCG Life-sciences,Kolkata

Ph.D from NIT Rourkela

Mr. Puspendu Kulia

Assistant Professor, Ashoka University

Ph.D Thesis Submitted